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Welcome to eberaj.com our new website and blog.  As we are still building the site, each day you will find something new.  We have so much more to add so check back often.

In order to make browsing easier, we have combined our efforts. We have retained such favorites as the Food & Wine Match section along with Nature, Travel and Food Photography. News from the Travel World has been expanded and Golf Destinations have been added.

You may also enjoy some of our recently Published Articles and find useful links to publications and other interesting information. We are much too busy travelling and enjoying nature, wine and golf to update our new blog daily so bear with us, we will keep you informed. Whether you are interested in travelling to near and far places, are looking for a new place to golf or checking our newest nature images, we hope that you will visit us again soon.

Check out our recent posts to see what we’ve been up to.

Andrew & Jenny Eber