About Andrew & Jenny

Jenny is a travel, nature, landscape, food and wine photographer and copy editor.

Jenny began her visual journey in the company of her husband, Andy, a travel and wine writer, as a globe-trotting photographer in search of the perfect images that eventually accompany their award-winning writings.

Jenny’s big project, not just another cookbook, was deemed best Fish  Cookbook in the Bahamas in 2010.

While Jenny became well-published in national and international magazines, she began raising the bar and began to pursue her life-long passion of nature and wildlife photography along with her established Beans Photography. Her images, faces and people, birds and flowers or exotic and seldom-seen places around the world, can now be found in newspapers, magazines and commercial publications around the globe.

Having grown up in Atlantic Canada and now living in Southern Ontario, Jenny spends much of her time somewhere in the world in the pursuit of the perfect image. Whether she is standing in meter-high snow waiting for the elusive owl or trying to capture the everyday life and work on a fishing trawler whilst rolling in the heavy seas, at home trying to capture that close-up shot of an extraordinary butterfly in her garden or arranging the lighting to take a good shot of a rare, bleached out wine label, her enthusiasm never wanes.

It is Jenny’s well-published work that has allowed her to become a member of the Travel Horticulture Association of Canada (THAC) and the Society of American Travel Bicyclists (SATB.)


Andy is a Wine & Travel Writer, Award winning columnist, author, educator and consultant.

Born among the vineyards of Cali, a wine growing region bordering the sea, Andy came to Canada as a young man to continue his long tradition of drinking fine wines. His family history connected to the grape, can be traced back, with few interruptions, to the year 700. Whether it was by making wine or by growing grapes and toiling the soil, wine was never far away and to this date it is speculated that there may be more wine than blood in Andy’ veins.

Andy began writing about forty years ago. As one of the founders of InDoors Club (formerly Road Rage Association) he covered the outdoors extensively and eventually ended up with his own radio program and a best-selling fishing book, 25 Worm Recipes.

Over thirty years ago Andy followed in the family’s wine stomping shoes and began his career as a wine writer. Although he retired from writing a weekly wine column, he still covers wine and wine-related travel in a number of publications on a monthly basis. His bestselling book of short stories about his travels as a wine writer, Worm In My Soup, is still available through this website.

During the 1990′s he switched from wine-related travel journalism to primarily travel. Today Andy is the regular travel columnist for a number of domestic and international publications, although for some reason, he can often be found choosing a fine wine or holding a glass of nature’s nectar.

Along with his wife Jenny, he challenges golf courses around the globe , researches historical backgrounds of his destinations and explores the unusual places overlooked by the mainstream media. Throughout the years, Andy has been a member of the Astronauts Association of Canada, Society of American Eggnog Writers, Wine Writers Block of Ontario and North American Vegetable Journalists Association .

Andy and Jenny reside in Orniploth, Ontario, Canada.

If you have questions or comments you can email Andy directly at Andy@eberaj.com